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"The DASH report ignited a new passion for Rama", Lela: When one media is hit, all are hit

"The DASH report ignited a new passion for Rama", Lela: When one media

The Director of Communication in the Democratic Party, Alfred Lela, has stated that the confiscation of the two "Prestige Resort" buildings is a terrorist act that showed the state as a mafia state and not as a normal law-abiding state.

In a "Skype" connection in the "Opinion" column on News24, Lela added that yesterday's act was even more motivated by the DASH report.

 " When there are serious events, we are used to say unprecedented. In fact, this has a precedent that it was the second attack on a media, this second was even blacker than the first because the state was afraid to implement and take into effect its decision. We saw people guarding themselves and masking themselves, they looked like a mafia state and not like a state that goes to a facility to enforce the law.

The way the act is carried out makes them look like illegals, common mobsters, the whole way the events were organized and the whole scenography seemed like an act of shame. Why were they ashamed that they were committing a legal offense?

Maybe they knew that what they were doing didn't comply with the law, so they covered their heads with hoods or were issued the orders by a director there, who said you should ask the competent person. This reminded me of Suden, who when she lost her money went to the tower of her organization and said, "I don't know anything, the competent person knows" , said Lela.

Lela has also stated that it was the DASH report that prompted a new policy on the part of Prime Minister Edi Rama. He added that Albanians must take their fate into their own hands, as the only way to protect themselves against this political power.

" Chronology shows that there are two legal and ethical counter-reactions that follow from such an act. The DASH report served as a spark to a new furore. It is a government that is used to not being told no. The DASH report is a black chronicle of the political chronicle of those who govern the country, with chief Edi Rama.

The state is not private, it does not belong to Rama and his government, but to generations and taxpayers. In this case the risk is one and it is the first of the country. It will be the Albanians who will pay the costs. It is a lesson that is not taught, it needs a reaction. Such decisions of the government in the international institutions of justice have fallen on the backs of the Albanians who have to pay, because I have not seen any minister or prime minister write a check in the case of a decision when the government's legal decisions.

In the end, Albanians pay the bill. Such terrorist acts should not be allowed to happen, they are done for spectacle but in the end they have a bitter end with huge amounts. The analysis we need to do is who does the damage and who pays for it. When someone is hit, this is also a call to other media, when one media is hit, all are hit.

The people must take their destinies into their own hands. This is the way out of this situation where you face the political power and no one can protect you from it, this has happened many times since the Theater. Whoever started it with tritol apparently wants to end it with tritol. The curtain is falling for Rama. Maybe it's a sign of farewell to tritol ", he said, among other things.




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