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Sula: EU funds for agriculture have gone to construction of resorts

Sula: EU funds for agriculture have gone to construction of resorts

The democratic MP, Dashnor Sula has stated that the clashes in the Parliament are not about Sali Berisha, but in defense of constitutional rights.

Speaking on Syri TV, he says that the government hinders the investigative commissions because there is no shortage of miracles, as in the case of funds for agriculture that, according to him, have gone to the construction of hotels and resorts.

"I have a question for the prime minister and everyone, OLAF and the EU why they suspended the funds for Albania, based on rumors it suspended IPARD 1 and IPARD 2.

You can be sure that jewels will emerge in the commissions of inquiry as funds for the construction of greenhouses have been diverted to the construction of resorts and towers on the seashore. Let's go to the bluff, there is no reason to worry about our prime minister. The constitution says it is up to the minority to set up a commission of inquiry, or a quarter of parliament's deputies, in a 2007 constitutional court ruling.

The Constitutional Court says that the majority cannot prevent this commission, but the task of the majority is only to ask for a change or wording of the object of the investigative commission, but they have not even tried to reformulate anything from the object, but in an insidious way they overthrew all the investigative commissions.

We do not fight for Berisha, but we will fulfill our duty as members of the opposition, we are in a democracy and it is very shameful what is happening. It is the first time that in 100% of our demands we are right in what we are doing and asking for ," he said.


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