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Taxation of free professions, Tabaku and Koliqi: Anti-constitutional and preferential law

Taxation of free professions, Tabaku and Koliqi: Anti-constitutional and

MPs Jorida Tabaku and Emilia Koliqi have given a statement to the media regarding the session being held in the Constitutional Court on lawsuits for taxation of free professions.

She stated that the Constitutional Court listened to the parties while the main concept according to her is to protect work, the middle class and those who work.

"The main concept we are discussing today is that we must protect work and the middle class. The Tax Law has been amended 23 times, creating uncertainty and preferential treatment for a group that is being exempted from taxes. 106 free professions are paying unfair treatment. This law is unconstitutional and has preferential treatment. There will be a boomerang effect of increasing prices. The law is the government's boomerang, favoring the minority and hitting the majority ," said Tabaku.

Koliqi said that the fiscal laws have undergone changes, increasing the uncertainty for businesses and free professions, such is this law.

"The tax administration is incapable of enforcing the law. The free professions are not lawyers, dentists, etc., but also other social services. Taxation for these services was zero and went from 15-23%, this burden falls on all Albanians and I believe that the Constitutional Court will not accept any arbitrary law", said Emilia Koliqi.

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