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Voting of immigrants, Kaso: They try to register, but e-Albania does not accept them

Voting of immigrants, Kaso: They try to register, but e-Albania does not accept

The Secretary of Legal and Electoral Affairs in the Democratic Party, Ivi Kaso, responded to the Minister of Local Government, Arbjan Mazniku, that it is the opposition that is preventing the voting of immigrants.

Invited to "Opinion" on TV Klan, Kaso said that with the last consensual reform in 2016, the provisions that allow voting are in the code, but the obstacle has come due to the lack of incentive from the government.

Ivi Kaso :  What prevented him? There are two prerequisites. The first precondition is that in 2016 we have a law on the registration of citizens who are permanently resident abroad, which means that the citizen who is assumed to express his desire to vote tomorrow, is registered as a permanent resident of the country X and in this way is registered in the special register and his name is removed from the list of civil status to vote in the relevant district. All other technical aspects have been resolved.

The government's obligation from 2016 is to populate this register, to encourage Albanian citizens who are permanent residents abroad to register, with the mechanisms that every majority, every government has.

The government has not done this and now it comes out, we are 8 years after the adoption of the law and instead of maintaining a minimum of responsibility that only has 18 thousand records of which it was said that no one has seen anything, 18 thousand records out of more than 1 and a half million Albanians with permanent residence abroad, he comes out without a point of shame and for 8 years he has filled the world and says "the opposition stands in the way" at a time when there are two specific articles in the Electoral Code.

Immigrants must register, but the government does not. I have listened to the hearing that took place in the Special Commission which was online via 'Zoom'.

Blendi Fevziu : Where should they register?

Ivi Kaso:  They must be registered in e-Albania and there is evidence, Mr. Haçkaj correct me if I am wrong, of Mr. Haçkaj's colleagues who say they are immigrants or citizens with permanent residence abroad, they have expressed their desire, they have been trying to register in e-Albania for months this blessed register and cannot be registered because e-Albania does not accept it. Now, the opposition was also to blame for this?


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