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"Elections in Kukës", Berisha: The senior SP official was caught in wiretapping with the director of OSHEE

"Elections in Kukës", Berisha: The senior SP official was caught

Chief Democrat Sali Berisha held Prime Minister Edi Rama and his government responsible for the manipulation that occurred in the Kukës by-elections.

" In Kukës, as I have referred here for all, the elections were bought in the most ruthless way. Belinda Balluku, Taulant Balla, have been distributing money for 1 week in a row in bags in the Kukës district. In Kukës, the vote of the citizens did not determine the result, but the vote-buying industry clearly determined the result. We have a conclusion that with Edi Rama, there is no choice" , he said.

He made the statements from the blue headquarters this Friday, at the weekly conference he holds with journalists, who asked him for a comment regarding the loss of the elections in Kukës.

Berisha told about the existence of two interceptions. The first, according to him, is a conversation in a bar in Kukës secretly recorded by SHISH between the head of OSHEE of the district and a high socialist official.

While the other, as he said, belongs to the mayor of Gjirokastra. In this interception, he explained, the mayor can be heard instructing the addicts to buy votes. This material, he added, was deposited in SPAK, but the prosecution body dismissed the case.

 " Since April, in a bar in Kukës, unfortunately, a very high official of the SP has been sitting with the director of OSHEE of the district. The table had eavesdroppers and in this eavesdropping it is recorded that a bargain was made that the director of OSHEE will make a tender with so many million lek, of which 300 thousand euros will be sent to Tropoja. 200 thousand in Kukës. The pillars would be placed in Has. And the rest of this in Durrës.

The information service, which was the institution that installed the eavesdropper, brought the eavesdropping to Edi Rama. I don't have, because I wouldn't accuse SPAK today, I don't have data that Rama took the wiretapping to SPAK, but according to some indications they keep him there to hold the official hostage.

That's not all, from the prosecution institution of Gjirokastra, the file with the wiretapping was sent to SPAK, in which the mayor of the Municipality of Gjirokastra, in a meeting, orders his subordinates and says: you will give them this amount, you will promise them this place work. So, he openly makes offers for the votes he wants to buy. SPAK closes the file and takes no action. SPAK cannot take action when it has the file of electoral criminals Edi Rama, Damian Gjiknuri, Ulsi Manja.

So what's left? It remains for the citizens to speak. The responsibility is one: that should be raised as soon as possible in the protests."

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