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Salianji debates with Gogu, the socialist deputies stand up to leave

Salianji debates with Gogu, the socialist deputies stand up to leave

Debate at the Investigative Commission on the handling of TIMS system data:

Gogu: Dear Mr. Myftari and Bici, I have four questions for you, I ask you because the chairman read mechanically. How did you obtain the prior information…

Salianji: Wait a second, you don't lead the commission. You want to disrupt the meeting. He turned to me, then I turned to him. Lay down, avash avash. Wait a second, man. The lord viceroy who makes the noise, which article are you referring to? Once you know what the information requests are, you're jumping the gun. Dear colleagues, I understand the concern and the burning of the fly under the bush for the questions to the institutions. You can't intimidate the experts

Gogu: The president's understanding of the duties of the commission and the duties of the members is shallow, because we have this relationship with the experts.

Salianji: Talk about venting. Cite the law or regulation when you take the floor

Gogu: My next question is this

Salianji: But who are you asking about?

Gogu: For the experts. I am charged with the law

Salianji: On the basis of which article and law do you ask to ask questions to the experts. Did you go Like you dropped the bombs. Requests for information have brought. If you close it, you bear criminal responsibility. If you treat this room like it's your property, I will file a report

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