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Interview/ Boçi in Politiko: With the return of the stamp, DP came out of a vicious circle; Basha is already ranked after Jenisher

Interview/ Boçi in Politiko: With the return of the stamp, DP came out of

The seal and logo of the Democratic Party were returned yesterday, after an almost three-year saga, to the largest opposition group led by Sali Berisha, after the Court of Appeal decided not to accept the appeal made by Lulzim Basha, upholding the decision. of the first degree which recognized the Assembly in December 2021.

Regarding this decision, the vice president of the Democratic Party, Luciano Boçi, spoke in an interview on Politiko.al .

He says that yesterday's act marks the end of a cynical "war game" imposed by factors outside the PD that sought its destruction. 

Former MP Boçi has explained what this act means for the democrats, while he also conveyed a message to the former leader of the DP, Lulzim Basha.

How important was this decision in these moments not only for the DP, but also for the Albanian opposition?

Yesterday's decision put an end to a kind of cynical "war game" imposed by factors outside the DP seeking its destruction, but using weak political characters within the DP.

DP came out of a vicious circle and collapsed the wall that prevented political communication between democrats, friends and people who had been fighting for years in a trench, but also between the democratic DP and the vast majority of citizens.

Holding DP symbols hostage has been one of the most cynical projects to eliminate and weaken the democratic DP and the opposition, a great political injustice served to the public as an internal legal issue.

In fact, it was a pure war of a regime with the appearance of Narkoshtet with the aim of political revenge and the disappearance of pluralism.

What does the return of the seal and logo to Sali Berisha's PD mean?

Berisha has been a legitimate leader and after receiving the legal stamp, it is now the DP's great responsibility to appear before the electorate, an act that restores the confidence of Albanians.

It is a joy to resolve an impasse, but it is also a total commitment on the part of the leadership and the membership to take over the leadership of the country.

The arrival of the seal to the DP translates into the acceptance of a great justice towards him that today the leader of the opposition is the only one imprisoned for political reasons in Europe and such a situation requires the continuation of the political action of the DP.

In terms of the search for freedom, we must continue with the parliamentary political action for the electoral reform, the action for the search for justice, to fight corruption and as follows, the presentation of the DP program that has begun to unfold before the citizens, as in the words of Berisha, but also in the meetings of PD departments.

What will happen to the 'Basha' camp after this decision?

It should be divided into two camps. First, we single out the democrats, former leaders, MPs who have their shares within the PD and who should give them value by returning to its bosom, not by asking them with media statements, but by offering them an outstretched hand of the friendship we had before.

We remember that we have fought battles and we must continue to be one to take the power and direction of the country that Albanians are looking for.

The other camp is Basha-Alibeaj, who are the two figures who do not care what happens to them, as they have written their political fate with their decisions and towards the DP because they were the ones who brought this situation with their initiatives 3 annual party.

So, they have self-excluded their existence from DP. From the point of view of importance, Basha ranks after Jenisher.

/Politiko.al - S. Gjidede/



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