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"Let's support the candidates who came out of the primaries", Alibeaj gets the situation out of control, the deputies who oppose him

"Let's support the candidates who came out of the primaries",

The Electoral College decided that the Democratic Party will go to the elections with commanding chairman Enkelejd Alibeajn. However, the situation in his group is not calm, as there have been clashes regarding how they will appear in the elections.

Alibeaj himself and a part of the members who support him, have requested that the PD appear in the local elections on May 14 with 61 candidates in all the municipalities of the country as well as with candidates for the municipal councils

At the last meeting of the parliamentary group, there were debates between the deputies as there was no consensus. The reason was that 8 MPs were against Alibeaj and asked not to produce candidates for presidents, so that the DP could come up with unique candidates.

The group of "rebels" included Gazment Bardhi, Jorida Tabaku, Dhurata Çupi, Saimir Koreshi Dashnor Sula, Lefter, Gështenja, Flamur Hoxha, Bledion Nallbati.

Tabaku has stated that the opposition should come up with unique candidates.

"The opposition must come up with unique candidates. We must in no way do battle against ourselves. I can't do it to ask for the vote against my colleagues", said Tabaku .

Meanwhile, Dashnor Sulo had made a status on his profile on "Facebook", where he said that they should not produce candidates against the primaries and that this movement helps the party in power.

"We should not put out a candidate against the PRIMARY candidates. I distance myself from this movement. It is wrong to divide the opposition vote. It helps the party in power," said Sulo.

No less critical was Agron Gjekmarkaj, who analyzed the situation in the Democratic Party. He said that if there are not 61 people to nominate candidates, then Alibeaj should take the seal to Berisha.

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