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22 March 1992/ 31 years of the historic victory of democracy

22 March 1992/ 31 years of the historic victory of democracy

On March 22, 1991, the first pluralist elections were held in Albania. The Democratic Party failed to win a majority in the Parliament, which led to the creation of a short-term government led by Fatos Nano.

On June 3, 1991, after talks between the political parties, it was decided that the government would resign and go to early elections.

Exactly, March 22, 1992 would mark a turning point in the history of Albania. After 48 years of governance by the Labor Party, in Albania the Democratic Party took over the leadership of the country, which managed to preside over the early elections.

At that time, the DP won the absolute majority in the Parliament with 62.08% of the votes (92 seats), the Socialist party achieved only 25.70% (38 seats), the Social Democratic party 4.30% (7 seats).

This was a historic moment for Albania, as the Labor Party would no longer rule the country.

The situation at the headquarters of the Democratic Party was very enthusiastic where its supporters headed to the "Skënderbej" square in a rally.

The leader of the DP, Sali Berisha, for the first time presented his program at a press conference.

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