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The weapons base of 'May 5', the police give details, what was seized

The weapons base of 'May 5', the police give details, what was seized
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A weapons base was identified yesterday in the '5 May' area in Tirana. The police have given details of the operation, where various weapons, binoculars, sniper rifles, grenade launchers and military ammunition were seized.

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"Parts of various weapons, sniper binoculars, a grenade launcher, magazines and combat ammunition are seized.

On 05.10.2022, on "Besim Fagu" street, Tirana, the services of Police Station No. 4, after the information received on the operative route that some people, due to the pressure of the Police, had transported and thrown in an external environment, parts of weapons and military ammunition, they immediately exercised control and found on the street "5 Maji", parts of various weapons (canisters, light machine guns, heavy machine guns, rifles), combat ammunition and military optical equipment, put in bags.

The investigative group, under the direction of the Prosecutor's Office at the Tirana Judicial District Court, continues the work to identify the gun owners and complete documentation of this case.

The material evidence will be sent to the Scientific Police Institute for examination," the police announced.


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