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'Daily Mail': How Albanian gangs escape deportation, £5,000 for a fake medical report

'Daily Mail': How Albanian gangs escape deportation, £5,000 for

The English media have devoted another article to illegal Albanian immigrants who travel by dinghies to Great Britain.

'Daily Mail' has shown in an article how criminals are paying medical professionals to help thwart the British Home Office's efforts to deport them to Albania.

The 'Daily Mail' reports that Albanian gangs use close ties to law firms to obtain dubious 'forensic' reports for their clients.

Psychotherapists and psychologists are paid to write reports claiming that Albanians, in particular, are too mentally 'delicate' to be interviewed or detained by the Home Office. Officials are working to track down the firms and even shut them down.

A source told the Daily Mail that: “It tends to be much smaller firms of immigration solicitors and advisers that are involved in some sort of criminal nexus. What we determined was that the Albanians involved were paying those law firms who then paid for some doctors to produce dubious reports."

The source said that such law firms are heading for closure, with six or seven of these firms remaining that are still very prevalent. Some legal advisers whose companies have closed down have been able to simply restart under a new name, due to loopholes in the regulatory process it is understood.

A relative of a detained Albanian national wrote to the Home Office telling how they had paid £5,000 to a law firm to free him.

They complained about the failure to secure their relative's release and even named the law firm involved.

The Home Office has strengthened the rules for forensic reports.

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