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"I'm going to break my nose...", the wiretaps of the former ATP inspector come out, he was shopping for properties


The Special Court against Corruption and Organized Crime has ordered a "prison sentence" this Wednesday, for the former inspector of the Property Handling Agency (ATP), Ilir Kapetani, who was arrested for corruption.

Although in today's session at the Special Court against Corruption and Organized Crime, the Captain denied the charges, SPAK insisted that there is evidence that the accused was involved in 14 corrupt episodes, with heirs of former owners, receiving sums of money in exchange of promises to ensure financial compensation, while handling their requests for restitution and compensation.

In the investigation file provided by " OraNews " there are also telephone interceptions, it appears that the Captain communicates with a citizen in harsh tones, threatening him and asking him not to communicate with anyone about the money.

"You were writing like that in messages, not lek, not sterlek, I will break your cell phone and your nose, okay? That's what I'm telling you once again... I've ordered you a hundred times, don't communicate at all, not even a lek... I'll meet you today, okay? Even if you see the show later, say goodbye...," Ilir Kapetani is heard saying.

According to the investigation file, while the citizens were waiting to receive their property, we realized that they had been deceived by the former inspector Ilir Kapetani, so they wrote and called him with the aim of returning the amounts they had given. The payments to him ranged from 150 thousand to 3 million ALL.

8 other people appeared in court, citizens who had contacted the Captain about property issues, of which 6 of them were placed under "house arrest", while 2 others were "compelled to appear".

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