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Erion Veliaj "cuts" the street 'Ibrahim Rrugova', replaces it with "Martyrs of February 4". Reactions are incited in Kosovo

Erion Veliaj "cuts" the street 'Ibrahim Rrugova', replaces

The mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, has decided to divide a part of the street "Ibrahim Rugova" and replace the other half with the name "Martyrs of February 4".

The first to denounce him was the democratic deputy Jorida Tabaku, who through a post on Facebook wrote that Veliaj has become part of the class war and the electoral game, even the street named after Ibrahim Rrugova.

"Unfortunately, the class war returned in 2023 tore this road apart by inventing another half-way with the name of a date that does not personify or unite the Albanians and even less the citizens of Tirana. It is hard to understand how Erion Veliaj's electoral trouble, which will produce martyrs, can be reduced to Ibrahim Rugova Street. Let then mix the story and retouch it", wrote Tabaku.

The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, also spoke to the National newspaper, who called it a shame the hatred of Edi Ramë and Veliaj towards the former president Rugova, and the implementation of Belgrade's decisions.

"This is a shameful act of hatred of Edi Rama and Erion Veliaj towards President Rugova and his work and Kosovo. This decision, as well as their refusal to install the statue of President Rugova and other hostile attitudes towards Kosovo, are the implementation of the orders given from Belgrade for his vassals in Tirana", he asserted.

Regarding the case, the member of the Council of Albanian Ambassadors, Flamur Gashi, also reacted, who stated that this action proves the "pathological hatred" towards Kosovo.

"What about the pathological hatred towards Kosovo, on the part of the neo-communists and the ideological pussies of Milladin Popovic and Dushan Mugoshe in Tirana", said Gashi.

Reactions from Kosovo

The deputy of the Democratic League of Kosovo, Besian Mustafa, has said that the decision of Veliaj, to tear up the "Ibrahim Rugova" street, only shortens the Albanian capital.

"In the wake of these efforts, Tirana is now trying to shrink the name of Ibrahim Rugova by shrinking, shortening, the street with his name. "This stupidity shrinks only Tirana, the Assisi Rugova, the giant of the nation among those from Gjergj Katrioti to Gonxhe Bojaxhiu", writes Mustafa on Facebook.

Mustafa thinks that the Albanian political right must join forces.

"The Albanian right, unfortunately, crushed not a little by the petty and evil internal battles, we have remained on the sidelines and we have seen these destructions from afar." Our union and strengthening is a necessity and an emergency", says the opposition deputy.

Ndërkaq, anëtari i Kryesisë së Lidhjes Demokratikë të Kosovës, Muhamet Hamiti, ka shkruar se Rugova është figura më e madhe shqiptare e shekullit dhe sipas tij s’ka rëndësi çka bën pushteti kalimtar i Rilindjes.

“Presidenti Ibrahim Rugova, Ati Themeltar i shtetit të Kosovës, është figura më e madhe shqiptare e shekullit. S’ka rëndësi çka bën pushteti kalimtar i Rilindjes. Ibrahim Rugova është President historik.” – ka shkruar Hamiti.

E për publicistin Nexhmedin Spahiu, ndryshimit e emrit të një pjese të rrugës “Ibrahim Rugova” është poshtërim i figurës së ish-presidentit Rugova.

“Shpreh fuqishëm protestën për ndryshimin e emrit të gjysmës së rrugës "Ibrahim Rugova" në Tiranë. Ky është një poshtërim figurës se themeluesit të shtetit të Kosovës që po ia bëjnë Edi Rama e Erion Veliaj”, ka shkruar Spahiu.

And "surprisingly" there was also a reaction from the activist and official of Vetëvendosje in Tirana, Elvis Hoxha.

He wrote that this action is the hostility of the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj.

"The name of a very dignified street loses its name Ibrahim Rugova. They are halfway there. There is no reason. This is an unprecedented hostility of the mayor of Tirana", wrote Hoxha on Facebook.

However, as far as this issue is concerned, there has not yet been any reaction from the mayor Erion Veliaj, or other authorities from the Municipality of Tirana.

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