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The "McGonigal" case, Lubonja: The connection with Rama, more serious than the one with the Russian oligarch

The "McGonigal" case, Lubonja: The connection with Rama, more serious

Analyst Fatos Lubonja says that the case of former FBI agent Charles McGonigal is being investigated in two cases

Invited to the column "Opinion" in News24, Lubonja said that the investigations are related to a Russian oligarch and the one with Prime Minister Rama, where the second case according to him is much more serious than the first because there the former agent was still in office at the FBI.

 " In my opinion, this is not a matter of debate between the parties who have words against each other. This is a matter of investigation. The public needs an impartial judge where they seek justice in this debate.
I think there is enough data to open an investigation, the fact that no investigation is opened is nonsense. Both sides present opposite theses and the institutions that are tasked with dealing with it are not working. Are we in danger of democracy here, where a majority has captured not only the institutions in the country, but also the international ones, this requires justice.

When it comes to the Russian oligarch as Putin's man and it comes to the hypothesis that he has endangered the security of the USA, the issue is very serious, but the New York Times excludes the thesis of putting the Russians at the service of McGonigal, but they think they have deal with a corrupt man. It is more serious when this man does it while he is still in office, while he worked with Deripaska after leaving the FBI, unlike the Albanian case. In this respect, I think that this is more serious because it compromises the image of the FBI.

I believe that the prime minister has made his clarifications and will repeat the same in the motion debated in parliament with the opposition. Using the prime minister's office to buy people through giving assets to hit the opposition is a serious crime and should be investigated.

For me, this scandal is simply a confirmation of the things I said much earlier regarding the instruments that Rama set up to keep power. One of these instruments is like the one palace one vote philosophy, I do you favors you do me favors, this is also corruption. It is corruption when it involves the oligarchs, the politicians, this thing in Rama has expanded qualitatively, to a step further when he has put into operation the possibilities of power to corrupt foreigners. This is the corruption that Rama has done. Rama manipulates the internationals to rule the Albanians. Use America to bash opponents and declare them non-women. It's that simple , he said.


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