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'They eat each other's heads', the forensics expert for Rama's statement: Scandalous!

'They eat each other's heads', the forensics expert for

The criminalistics expert, Artan Rexhepi, has expressed that the rulers in our country should be more controlled in their statements.

In an interview for Panorama TV, he referred to the statement made by Prime Minister Edi Rama some time ago, who said that criminals "eat each other's heads".

" They eat their heads, we are not in the time of Texas, Maybe it is being done like that, I cannot accept that the head of the government that directs me says his own heads, If he says so, arm all the citizens, it is understood with permission and license. But we won't go back to Texa when the cowboys were out on the road and whoever was faster pulled out the pistol. The rulers must be controlled.

For me it is scandalous wherever you turn it. It is more inaction than expression. A simple clerk if he sees his boss guarding hashish plots, don't expect him to have the zeal to fight crime. Strong action must be taken against crime. At least not on the road. It has come out very openly", said Rexhepi.

He stated that the departures of citizens today are massive, stressing that security is achieved only in certain moments when crime decides to sleep.

" There is a minister and one is guided by the French line, the other by the American line. The law must act. The departures of citizens are massive. Security, if achieved at some point, is achieved only because crime sleeps. The thing is that in Western practices, when crime comes out on the streets, the state reacts very strongly. It goes to the limits of breaking the law. It terrorizes you if you turn into a problem for the citizens themselves. We have to show him the place. Stay where you belong," he said.

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