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Horoscope/ What have the stars predicted for each sign?

Horoscope/ What have the stars predicted for each sign?


The Moon in opposition to your sign will put everything into question. You will have confusing programs, as will thoughts. However, the main principles remain intact, thanks to the influence of Saturn which guarantees your vigilance.


You are only good if you have the opportunity to take everything in stride, as it is written in your DNA. In addition to stress, rushing leads you to make mistakes. During this day you will want to stay at home and deal with some arrangements.


Pleasant and unpredictable company, if you are still on vacation. Sports and various trips will brighten your day. This Friday is ideal for receiving guests and if necessary you will be able to recover a report.

The crab

Day out of the routine! A series of unexpected or last-minute changes will irritate you to the point where you will want to give up on your programs. Your passions and hobbies will come to your aid, which will take you far with fantasy.


Under the influence of the Moon and Mars in your sign, you will have the best time. Prepare to experience an important event. "Arm" yourself with charm, elegance and pride and you will be able to hit the mark.


This Friday will not be enthusiastic at all, but luckily you won't have any trouble. If you are going to face a trap, it will be you who will create it thanks to the tension caused by others. You like being alone for a while, silence sparks your imagination and brings out your creativity.


The transit of the Moon in your sign will disturb their mood somewhat. However, during this day you will not lack anything, neither sensitivity, nor luck, nor energy. You will also display a slight irony, which will know how to hit the mark.


The day will be fluctuating, but the Moon and Saturn in its second half remind you to be careful with your spending. You will find yourself in pleasant company and show your charismatic side.


In the couple relationship, the Moon will be friendly and will fill you with strong emotions. You will face a legal problem that needs to be resolved.


Under the influence of the Moon and Uranus, this day will bring mood deterioration. It will be the influence of Pluto that will make this Friday more positive. Relations with the family will also be chaotic.


Wonderful day for you, especially in the field of feelings. Your friends will push you towards adventures. You will take pleasant walks, which will awaken your secret thoughts.


A period of rest to reflect can bring good results. Intuition will not let you down. Thanks to the sharp senses, quite good and fruitful ideas will flourish.

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