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It was set for murder, who is Aldi Mustafa, the friend of "Rrumi t Shijak"

It was set for murder, who is Aldi Mustafa, the friend of "Rrumi t

New details have come to light from the arrest of Aldi Mustafa, who was caught with a silencer while he was on his way to kill someone.

The Blues inform that Mustafa had planned an assassination, and at the time of his arrest a 'Scorpion' type weapon with a silencer was seized from him.

Klevis Kurdiu, the friend with whom he was traveling in a car and had set out to carry out the assassination, was also arrested.

But who is Aldi Mustafa?

Mustafa is not an unknown name for the Police. He was arrested in 2021 after planning the assassination of a person. He is known for his friendship with Aleksandër Laho, Rrumi e Shijaku, who was in the same car with prosecutor Arian Ndoja during the assassination attempt on November 1, 2019, where he was injured. He was also convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison in Germany for threats and drugs.

On April 3 of this year, he was the 'target' of an assassination attempt. The 37-year-old man was planted with explosives in his Volkswagen car, in the spare tire, but fortunately he was able to escape without injury. In 2021, Aldi Mustafa was arrested by the Police along with two other people, as they were suspected of committing a murder.

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