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"I was sewn with bread in a bag", Dvorani clashes with Meta with the analyst: You are keeping two standards

"I was sewn with bread in a bag", Dvorani clashes with Meta with the

President Ilir Meta and analyst Andi Bushati debated in the studio of "The Unexposed" when Bushati mentioned to Meta the trial that Ardian Dvorani made after being included in the video with former Minister Dritan Prifti.

Bushati told Meta that he is playing a game with two standards with Dvorani, when he is for him he is good and when he is against he becomes bad. Meta addressed the analyst saying that Dvorani had blocked the Constitutional Court, while he did not give more comments regarding the innocence given by the judge.

Excerpts from the conversation:

Bushati: Why was Dvorani sewn with bread in his bag?

President Meta: Ardian Dvorani is a criminal, this is not changed by any certificate he has received. His wrongdoing has been certified by the Venice Commission, for every action he has taken with the intention of leaving Albania without a Constitutional Court. The President has denounced him to SPAK with concrete facts.

Bushati: To call Dvorani a criminal, when he judged you for the video, Meta-Prifti was not a criminal. When the decisions of these come in your favor, these are honest men.

Meta: What should I do? To say I'm guilty?

Bushati: Good luck when it is for me, bad when it is against. I have both standards. When he has given you innocence.

Meta: It has blocked the Constitutional Court. He urged the other to go and take the oath at the notary. It is responsible for these.

Bushati: The problem is with both standards. If it is marketable and marketable, then it also corrupts the decision it has made for you

Meta: Go open the issue from the beginning.


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