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Kim Mehmeti: Why is the Prime Minister untouchable in Albania? The state is built for the rulers

Kim Mehmeti: Why is the Prime Minister untouchable in Albania? The state is

The well-known publicist and writer, Kim Mehmeti, commented on the political life in Albania, as he focused on the recent arrests of the directors of the Municipality of Tirana.

Invited to the studio of "Kjo Javë" on News24, Mehmeti said that in Albania the state is being built for the rulers and not for the citizens, the institutions are protecting the individuals and the wealthy have an intertwined relationship with the politicians.

According to the publicist, starting with the socialist officials and former officials who are currently in jail, Rama finds it easier to hold meetings in prisons than in the government.

Mehmeti emphasized that in Albania the prime minister has become untouchable because of some figures who appear on television and praise him by giving him the portrait of the untouchable, the scary personality.

"Tirana is beautiful even when the tyrants have it in their hands, and Albania too. Albania is very noisy, but what stands out to me is that Albania is increasingly undone as a state and it is no longer understood who rules Albania. Politics rules Albania. I don't want to use that expression, the invisible power. More and more, you get the impression that the institutions here are not there to protect the state but the individual. Build a state for the rulers and not a state for the citizens, and until that is the case, you cannot define who runs that state.

It is not known whether the rich run this country or whether the politicians control them. Everything is so intertwined and this happens in states that are not institutional, but are party states, and I often have the impression that Albania is built according to the Enverist mentality, but some labor parties, who equate the state's fate with personal fate. They think that when the party is good...the stronger the parties are, the more the state weakens, the more our politicians get richer, the more the people get poorer. You have many government officials in prisons, and the painter holds meetings more easily in prison than in the government.

The Mayor of Tirana has more directors in prison than at work and all this speaks volumes for what he will see, for those who do not want to see, this has no meaning. Albanian political leaders do not fear the people at all. Even a dictator is not born a dictator, but we do it by bowing down to him and one day he is convinced that it really is the destiny of the people. We make the prime minister invulnerable by praising him in the television studio, how he is invulnerable and then he turns into a scary personality because he can do everything and nothing happens to him ", he said.


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