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KPA closes the judicial review for the prosecutor, Kujtim Luli

KPA closes the judicial review for the prosecutor, Kujtim Luli

On Monday, the Special Appeals Panel heard for several hours the objections of the prosecutor Kujtim Luli to the Public Commissioner's appeal seeking the annulment of the decision of the Independent Qualification Commission and his dismissal from office.

Prosecutor Luli spoke for a long time in the session, but mostly with low intonation and was not heard clearly. However, during the session he insisted that the claims of the Public Commissioner were not valid. He pointed out that he had made detailed and transparent declarations of wealth, while he accepted the inadequacies in the cash declarations that, as he said, had come "due to ambiguities" on the way of compiling the declaration in years.

Luli opposed the positions of the Commissioner regarding the payments for children's education abroad, the benefit of a soft loan, the declaration of cash and the insufficiency of finances for some expenses. During his speech he insisted that he had documented the legal income.

After listening to the parties and accepting new evidence brought by Luli in the session, the body headed by Natasha Mulaj, with members Albana Shtylla, Sokol Çobo, Rezarta Schuetz and Ina Ramë, decided to close the judicial review and invited the parties to prepare the final conclusions.

Kujtim Luli was confirmed by a majority of votes on December 3, 2020. The KPK body, headed by Olsi Komici, with rapporteur Brunilda Bekteshi and member Xesila Pine, was divided into positions. Komici and Bekteshi voted for Luli's confirmation, while Pine in the minority reasoned that Luli should have been fired. The decision of the KPK was appealed by Commissioner Florian Ballhysa in February 2021. In the appeal, Ballhysa focused on the wealth criterion.

In a previous hearing, the KPA dismissed a request by Luli to procedurally dismiss the appeal and exclude Ballhysa from the process. The session for the conclusions was scheduled for September 26 at 10.00.


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