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Chronicle of all-round reprimands

Chronicle of all-round reprimands

By Agron Gjekmarkaj

Yesterday's chronicle has no entries. It starts straight from the end where Prime Minister Muli scolded me. However, such criticism still remains. After a long session, I left and stood at the chair of the Prime Minister, because it has become a custom for women believers to make the last cross when they leave the Church.

The awareness that in difficult days we have leaned on his chest, that his hand has kept us from falling into the irreversible abyss of enmity makes us grateful.

When the conversation seemed to be getting better, the gentile's instinct made me interested in the health of Mrs. Albana, who recently seems to have been taken away from me.

She raised her head tiredly and let out a dry "good". There, the Kryzevendes leader changed his face, suddenly became gloomy and said "listen, sir, there is a hierarchy in the party, you are a novice in some work, you have said it yourself and this honors you, we do not know any Albanians here, but we only know one and inseparable "Chief Albana".

Caught up in guilt, I spat and stammered stiflingly that I was used to being called "Chief Jorushi".

There the Prime Minister frowned even more and spoke "I have noticed, but I believed that you would correct yourself in the light of the developments, for now it is only Jori, that caressing suffix -ushi- we know, but it did not return to group and when she comes, we can first promote her as a candidate for deputy chief Jori, then you see and do it". Tritani nodded his head in approval. Only Isuf Çela looked at me with pity.

After realizing the mistake and leaving, I said goodbye to "Chief Albana", she opened her eyes and smiled at me sweetly and optimistically, she did everything.

The Prime Minister patted my shoulders and congratulated me, saying that the Party has an open heart and does not let you make mistakes, but I also felt relieved by the acceptance of the truths that shine like sunlight.

What a tiring session, also due to the fact that I had to drive again.

Babo and Tao, after they have been dating Muço for three years, it seems somewhere they are broken and disappointed by him and now they want to break their soul. Çuçi came to me again and said "will you give your heart to Baba"? I like it or not, I told him this is the dream of every honest Albanian and of the generations to come, "beautiful Regetiu, come out and direct the session within the framework of the bargain we have made with the Bermuda Triangle against Muço as the biggest risk for everyone, saying hello to you, I unanimously say goodbye to Muço".

I went up, Ogi came nearby and begged me "don't do anything wrong with Baba's chair because they let me guard it today". But why doesn't he come himself to see you, I asked? "Wow, Babua is holding the parliament, he sees Gaz Bardhi and his blood breaks down, he weeps loudly, say thank you that he leaves us the chair to venerate him and take instructions from him because it belongs to him and he does not leave him either".

I won't give you my word, I told him, I received an order from the future Leader Gazi after the refusal of the interpellation to do a guerrilla act and fire you, forgive the hell!

Ogi was sad, aman said don't do it because I have a reed around my neck to hold". There I was touched and gave up. Salianji, who was following the conversation, gave me some of his own jokes that he always has for good and for good to make the poor man happy. That he has this purpose in life.

In the courtyard of the Assembly, the sister and friend of the SP had to be strangled after they scolded me live. It seemed to me like the captain who was going to cut his mustache with scissors after the sarcastic speech against the government in the hall. In mine, I had done Spiropalin and spiropalism for cold water, but they themselves had become jealous.

"Opera" for Elisen, Gjylameti said, but not even a ballad for me, right? "Madonna di Scutari" said Etilda, how come I'm more soulful when you call me "Madonna di buon consiglio"?! I had written and excused myself that you embroidered the flag that Babua raised in 1912 as Marigoja, but I know I was mistaken.

Antoneta Dhima scolded me in a tongue-in-cheek manner, how did you not say a word about Braça, he fought with Dine Agana in Çanak Kala, not even for Belen, who built the hydropower plants on the Dri and electrified the country?! Indeed, I became meit.

Claude Bushka more gently "Oh, Mr. Gon, how come you don't remember the day that Eni Xake called the satire folklore?".

Ismet Beqiri approached me and was silent for a while, "like this, I expected more from you!" -"Why since?" -"Why didn't you say that Mimi di Puccini invented the piano and the flute that wrote the Divine Comedy, and above all, let's not include the poems full of light and pollen of Petros nomatisur muzgeje thukte, the merits of Anila Denaj in breeding cows, of Goxhe in blowing of the wheel, of Teze in the Libohovite dance, of Nikos in Iconography, of Etjen Qerratai in boiling jam and Bujar of Lushnje in the plantain brandy.

With one speech I had made many enemies and received many insults. Helidon Bushati found me in that misery and gave me the words "many enemies, many honors". Journalist Renaldo Salianji from the studio was surprised by the transcendental happiness of colleagues Man (Osman) Qafiri of Nea 24, Ermali of Syrit, and Isa of Ores for their wild joy simply because I caught them eating pie with questionable flour while a MPs are under threat of expulsion. Muhamet Veliu remained indifferent and unyielding in his independence. While Fatjon Binjaku was sulking, he eats kaurri bread and does the Turk's prayer, I correct his frowns and he notices the gastronomy of my colleagues and does not protect us from the attacks of the government!

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