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Lubonja on the tensions in Mitrovica: Rama seems closer to Vucic than Kurt

Lubonja on the tensions in Mitrovica: Rama seems closer to Vucic than Kurt

Analyst Fatos Lubonja spoke about the situation in the north of Kosovo.

According to him, behind the conflict that is happening in northern Mitrovica is a bigger battle between the parties and that the situation is very complex and such that it can only be resolved with an agreement between Albin Kurti and Vucic.

Through a direct communication in the "Opinion" section of News24, he added that it would be difficult to justify the mayors of the municipalities on the part of the Kosovo government, while on the other hand, Vucic "plays with two gates" and has greater interests than the municipalities. with a Serbian majority.

Regarding Albania's position in this situation, Lubonja said that Prime Minister Rama echoes the solution that the West is looking for, but also "seems more allied with Vucic than with Kurt".

" You can accuse Kurti starting from the idea that in a country where only 3-4% of the people voted, it is difficult to justify the elected presidents. Kurti could propose elections again. Behind this small quarrel there is a bigger fight. Serbs don't want to recognize Kosovo, they want association, etc. Here we come to the third level, which is how the internationals like this job.

They want stability and do not want a new war front to open. Vucic plays with two gates, while Kurti thinks he will have the support of the West, seeing that Vucic is known as a friend of Russia. The situation is very complex and the best solution would be an agreement to have elections and the Serbs to take the leadership of the municipalities. There is no point in keeping them with the police.

Kurti may have thought that the Serbs will not react or that the partners will support him. In this case, I think that rather than America's opposition, Kurti should have been pushed to a democratic dimension where elections could not be recognized when 3% of the population votes. Kurti should know history a little better than he really wants to oppose America that has liberated Kosovo. America did not do this for Kurt, but for geopolitical interests.

Americans have their own interests, it's not like the big parent who takes care of us all the time. A phone call between Vucic and Kurti would be enough to stop this situation, but the problem is that this issue is deeper. Vučič does not care about the mayors of the municipalities, but about how the issue of Kosovo will go. He wants a piece of Kosovo, while there are also international factors that do not want it. By intervening with the police, Kurti helped Vucic by saying that they do not want associations. Kurti wants to postpone this and the conflict is about this context.

In this case, Rama echoes the solution that America and Europe are looking for. To this must be added a kind of allergy that Kurti creates as a political figure, not only in relation to the international community, but also to the developments in Kosovo and Albania. Rama does not feel as comfortable with him as with Thaci. Albania should be closer to Kosovo and put emphasis on the problems created by the Serbs. It has to protect some issues, like that of the association. It should point out its problems. "Rama seems more allied with Vučić than with Kurt," said Lubonja.

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