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Luiza Gega Balkan champion for the second day in a row

Luiza Gega Balkan champion for the second day in a row

On the second day of the 77th Balkan Athletics Championship, which is being held on May 25-26 in Izmir, Turkey, the well-known Albanian athlete Luiza Gega, after being declared the Balkan champion on the first day in the 3000m steeplechase with a time of 9 '26.40, today, on the second day, won another gold medal in the 5000m race.

It should be noted that if in yesterday's race Luiza finished 20 seconds faster than second place, today's race had a strong finish. Gega's direct competitor was Yasemin Can, a naturalized Turkish Kenyan, reigning European champion for 10,000m.

The race was very tactical and our champion made the difference in the last 400m, closing the 5000m race with a time of 15'38.52. We remind you that Luiza Gega is the only Albanian athlete participating in the Olympic Games in Paris as qualified.

 But before the Olympics, Gega will participate in the European Championships in Rome in June, where he will try to retain the title of European Champion in the 3000m steeplechase.

The second good news comes from the Albanian athlete David Nikolli, who finished the 3000m race with a time of 8'07.37, ranking second after the Austrian athlete Sebastian Frey.

In this Balkan championship, which is Balkan in name only, because the participation of teams reaches 21, significantly exceeding the region and including other countries such as Austria, Israel, Cyprus, Georgia, etc., the Albanian team was represented by 8 athletes, 2 coaches, 1 physiotherapist and the president of the Albanian athletics federation.

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