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The mandate of Xhaçka/Salianji: The majority destroyed the court and equality before the law

The mandate of Xhaçka/Salianji: The majority destroyed the court and

DP deputy, Ervin Salianji, during his speech with the democrats of Kuçova, said that Edi Rama became a shield for the mandate of the former "strategic" minister, deputy Olta Xhaçka.

Salianji said that even in dictatorships it has not happened that a court decision is not implemented. According to him, such an action by the majority destroys this court and equality before the law, referring to the decision of the Constitutional Court.

"It has not happened even in dictatorships, but not and not in democracy, that a decision of a court, of the most important court of the Republic, which is the Constitutional Court, with a decision of the parliament, is not only not implemented, but taken and discarded to mow by practically annihilating the Constitution, equality before the law, the rhetoric of the SP that for years has raised the level of rhetoric that "new justice". The new justice for what, to punish the political opponent, to isolate the leader of the opposition, to use it for internal war in the SP. Meanwhile, when it comes to the fact that the Constitutional Court, as it is, gives a half-hearted decision, the SP takes it and throws it in the trash, saying that in this country not everyone is equal before the law and these are the ones who abuse the most.

You have seen what they did recently, they were caught tampering with the TIMS system. System that has citizens' data, criminal files and copied them claiming to have used them for criminal groups, or worse to delete data for people connected to SP and to help them in relation to the law." - declared Salianji.

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