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Awards of the Transparency Board, Confindustria: Encourages smuggling, damage over 300 million euros/year

Awards of the Transparency Board, Confindustria: Encourages smuggling, damage

Confindustria has reacted to the decision-making of the Transparency Board with the price of fuel, especially with that of oil.

In a reaction, Confindustria expresses concern about the board's decision-making, stressing that they encourage mass smuggling. According to the confidustria, the price of oil today should be 200 ALL/liter from 209 ALL/liter that the board set two days ago.

Konfindustria adds that the damage caused by the wrong decision-making of the board regarding prices can reach over 300 million euros/year.

The reaction of the confidustria:

Confindustria expresses repeated concern about the way the decisions of the Fuel Board are made, clearly contrary to the public interest with the highest prices in the Region and the obvious downward trends of the world markets. The high nominal and absolute fuel prices have long-term devastating consequences for business, citizens, the national economy, and encourage massive smuggling, which can amount to over 300 million euros/year.

A clear example of the above are the decisions made in the first week of December 2022. Evaluating world market prices closely with the beginning of the year, today the "diesel" product should be at least below the level of 200 ALL/liter from 209 ALL /liter decided by the Board.

The Board's immediate decisions in the event of an increase in fuel prices on the world markets and the delay in time in the event of a decline are noteworthy. Also, price increases in absolute value are much stronger than corresponding decreases. Specifically, in the last decisions within two days, the Board initially increased the price of "diesel" by 8 ALL/liter and reduced it by 5 ALL/liter with a final increase of 3 ALL/liter. Meanwhile, world and regional market prices are clearly decreasing.

Konfindustria has requested the establishment of the Fuel Regulatory Body under the Albanian Parliament and composed of professionals. The Fuel Board has members with a clear conflict of interest. Half of the decision-making members are precisely representatives of the entities that should be subject to control.

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