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"Selfish narcissist who treated subordinates badly," former FBI officials say of McGonigal

"Selfish narcissist who treated subordinates badly," former FBI

After the publication of the scandal about lobbying, affairs and connections with Russian citizens, new details have emerged about the figure of Charles McGonigal, a former FBI official. Together with him, the name of Prime Minister Rama and his two advisors, AGron Neza and Dorian Ducka, also appeared in the scandal.

Colleagues and former colleagues of McGonigal have recounted details from the professional life and beyond, Charles McGonigal. In a SpyTalk analysis, a former colleague of McGonigal's says the former senior counterintelligence official was a "selfish narcissist" who often "screamed at subordinates", resented their successes and may have been part of a anti-Hillary Clinton clique in New York.

"His peers thought highly of him, and his handlers," said the decorated former FBI agent, requesting anonymity to speak freely about the indictment. "But a lot of people who worked for him couldn't stand him because he was stubborn. He just treated people very badly. With Charlie, it was just ego and ambition," he said.

If true, such a personality defect could help unlock the mystery of why such a high-ranking and successful FBI official would risk falling under the spell of foreign agents.

News of McGonigal's arrest must have surprised a former senior FBI official, who in 2010 put McGonigal in charge of a "highly sensitive" project. The New York Times reported years later, in 2018, that he was appointed at the time to lead an FBI-CIA task force seeking the disappearance of CIA spies in China.

The former FBI official says there was no reason not to promote McGonigal.

"I did my homework and checked with Charlie, who was also in the Washington field office, and they all said, yes, he's your guy," he told SpyTalk. "If there were complaints about McGonigal's management style, they never got to him ," he said.


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