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The scene is set: How the incident with the Russians happened at the Gramsci Plant

The scene is set: How the incident with the Russians happened at the Gramsci


News 24 builds the scheme of how the espionage incident happened at the arms factory in Gramsh that led to the arrest of 2 young men. The News 24 camera took a close look at the area and, based on the evidence and the investigative file, reconstructs everything that happened in a few minutes.

August 20, 2022 Cekin

At 5:25 p.m., the two Russian citizens Mikhail Zorin and Svetlana Timofeva are in the back of the Gramsh mechanical plant, while the Ukrainian Fedir Alpatov is on the road with a "Chevrolet" type vehicle.

Timofeva and Zorin find an open part of the plant's enclosure at the back of it, approach it and unperturbed enter inside. The 33-year-old woman stops a few meters after entering the territory of the factory, while the 24-year-old Zorin follows the road until at one point he is spotted by two soldiers on guard.

The two Armed Forces officers approach and order the Russian citizen to leave the internal territory of the plant, but the 24-year-old strongly opposes them and runs away, crossing the perimeter wall, while one of the soldiers follows behind to stop him.

"The guard was chasing, he ran away, they clashed inside the territory, he was scared by the machine gun that the guard had on his side, he jumped from the wall and crossed some private fields and came out on a main road above the plant," said the witness.

The other soldier takes the vehicle and goes out to the upper road of the factory to follow the Russian national who was leaving and cuts him off. In those moments, the Russian citizen physically collides with the two soldiers and attacks them with paralyzing spray on the face and other parts of the body.

Residents of the area, who were eyewitnesses of what happened, also come to the aid of the soldiers. The immediate and professional reaction of the two soldiers as well as the help of the residents made it possible to neutralize the 24-year-old Russian.

"One of these guards showed himself to be a very resourceful boy that he would have run away, he took the car and followed him by car and blocked his way, if he had not followed him by car he could not have caught him. Where he was caught, I have my brothers' house and my sister-in-law calls me and tells me come on, they are being killed here in front of my gate", said the witness.
During the physical confrontation, the Ukrainian Fedir Alpatov was waiting for the Russian Svetlana Timofeva by car on the road below the factory, from where they left towards Cërrik, where they were stopped by the police.

"Goca ran away from the opposite side, came out on the main road and was picked up by a car. The children who had photographed the car came to the police's aid and told them this is the car and gave the photo to the police.

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