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The population and housing census started today, INSTAT: The process is proceeding normally

The population and housing census started today, INSTAT: The process is

INSTAT announced that, throughout the territory of the Republic of Albania, INSTAT employees, surveyors, controllers, supervisors have gone out to count the resident population in Albania and their housing conditions.

This is the most important statistical process for the country. "So far, referring to the monitoring system, as well as from INSTAT representatives on the ground, the process is going well. The majority of respondents (85%) are registered in the application; about 1,500 interviews are in the process of being interviewed, of which about 800 questionnaires have been completed," INSTAT official sources report.

INSTAT further reports that the process is dynamic and is going according to expectations. The interviews will continue in the afternoon to enable contact with citizens who were engaged in work during the morning. This activity will last 6 weeks.

The 2023 Population and Housing Census will be the 12th Census, since Albania was declared an independent state in 1912, where the first Census was carried out in 1923.

Since the 1989 Census, its methodology has increasingly followed international recommendations for conducting the Census.

The 2023 Population and Housing Census aims to be in full compliance with the recommendations of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) for the 2020 round of Censuses and also with the latest EU regulations on the implementation of the Population Census and Apartments.

The Census of Population and Housing provides data on the official population count in a country, in the smallest geographical unit, together with information on a selected number of demographic, social and economic characteristics of the population.

Similarly, the Census of Housing provides the official count of all dwellings in the country in the smallest geographic unit, along with information on a selected number of housing characteristics.

INSTAT announced that it will continuously provide information on the progress of this activity.

The collected data will then be processed for the production of official statistics important for the design of policies and decision-making based on figures, at the central and local level; facilitation in planning for construction of kindergartens, schools, hospitals, parks, etc.; Facilitating decision-making by the business community, Conception and creation of statistical registers of the resident population, buildings and housing./Monitor

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