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DP: Albania ranks 4 places lower than Palestine, the collapse in education has a name and it is called 'Renaissance'

DP: Albania ranks 4 places lower than Palestine, the collapse in education has a

The head of the Department of Education in DP, Lili Sula, in a statement to the media from the blue headquarters, stated that today Albania ranks last in the world, according to PISA, for the creative thinking skills of 15-year-old students.

Sula said that these data come when education is in miserable conditions, since the minister Ogerta Manastriliu did not do any analysis of the situation in which education is today and did not create any strategy.

Sula said that the competent institutions should take responsibility and resign.


The international PISA test announced the results for the creative thinking skills of 15-year-old students and Albania ranks last in the world. Our country has 13 points, well below the OECD average of 33 points, creating a gap of three to four levels down on the creative thinking scale.

In this assessment, Albania is ranked 4 places below Palestine, reflecting the deep deterioration of our education system, even worse than countries that are at war.

According to PISA estimates, more than 56% of Albanian students are below the basic level of competence in creative thinking, which indicates a serious situation in Albanian education today and the students' skills in life tomorrow.

However, these data do not come as a surprise today, as the poor state of our education has been reflected by international testing in December of last year for students' abilities in Reading, Mathematics, and Science. Ministry of Education, Mrs. Manastirliu didn't do any analysis of the situation and didn't create any real strategy, except to rush to invent trainings on days off for teachers, trainings just to take photos and share fake images on social networks.

The decline in education has a name and it is called 'Renaissance'! The results of international organizations speak of the undoing and even the destruction of education. This situation is a consequence of the Rama Government that:

- abandoned the family! The impoverishment of families would be reflected in education!

- abandoned the teacher. Our teacher is the worst paid in the region and beyond!

- abandon the students! No program for the development and support of school achievements!

- ⁠destroyed the curricula, the ones do not respond to our needs and interests for the education of young people and the development of the country!

- He destroyed the direction of every unit, from the school to the local and central direction. Their politicization and deprofessionalization, undone even those achievements that were before 2013!

The shocking result of students on creative thinking skills, which lists them at the end of the world, is the strategy of obscuring our children, the strategy of dulling the brain and closing the eyes - to not be active and not to think differently - it is an expression of the degradation of education, which means the degradation of society and the entire nation.

Consecutive scandals of the Ministry of Education only during these two months, from instruction no. 8, of May 3, 2024, on the procedures for the acceptance, suspension and removal of the teacher from the workplace to the release of theses of the state matura examinations, and recently in the PISA international evaluations, they call for public expression and the assumption of institutional responsibilities, which have nothing to do with violating or not violating the process, but with overthrowing the system, with recognizing and accepting failure and with resignation.

We will take the destinies of the country and children in our hands, as citizens and as parents, or we will see Albania as an empty country, without its own people.

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