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Brothers fight in Fier

Brothers fight in Fier
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Two brothers were declared wanted and two others were processed at large in Fier after they were involved in a fight with strong objects.

Blue reports that brothers from two different families fought in the village of Sheq i Madh.

"Specialists for the investigation of crimes of the Fier Police Station, immediately after the reports received about a conflict for weak motives, between several citizens, in the "Sheq i Madh" neighborhood, have carried out all the necessary investigative and procedural actions to clarify the the circumstances of the conflict and for determining the criminal responsibility of each of the citizens involved in it. At the end of these actions, the proceedings began in a free state for 2 citizens involved in the conflict, SP, 20 years old and KP, 22 years old (brothers), for the criminal offense "Other intentional damage.

In addition, intensive work is being done to capture the other 2 citizens involved in the conflict, JH, 20 years old and KH, 22 years old (brothers), for the criminal offenses of "Intentional light injury" and "Intimidation", as they are suspected of threatening with the lives of SP and KP Medkaq citizens, under the direction of the Prosecutor's Office, the investigations are continuing to clarify and legally document the circumstances of this conflict", the police explained.

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