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The weather is improving, the forecast for today

The weather is improving, the forecast for today

The early hours of the morning have continued with dense clouds across the country generating.

According to Meteoalb, little rain and snow are expected in mountainous areas.

It is expected that from noon onwards there will be an improvement in the atmospheric conditions, gradually removing the precipitation from the entire territory of the country, but severe frosts remain problematic on all road axes along the Eastern stretch. The late hours of the night continue under the predominance of clearings and thin clouds throughout the country BUT without precipitation. Air temperatures will increase in the minimum values, but the maximum values ​​will decrease slightly, fluctuating from 0°C to 15°C.

The wind will blow at an average speed of over 40 km/h from the northwest direction, causing waves over 2 waves to be generated on the sea coasts.


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