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Morning mail/ With 2 lines: What was important yesterday in Albania

Morning mail/ With 2 lines: What was important yesterday in Albania

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How to undermine  the rule of law  (with a little help from the EU)

Geopolitical turmoil in the Balkans and the 'alliance' Rama-Soros-Vucic,  Berisha for "The Frontliner" : Kosovo's sovereignty is being undermined

Abuse of tenders,  SPAK takes the former mayor of Patos  and other former officials to trial


"Thousands of self-employed businesses are closed", Bardhi reacts: Albania must put an end to Rama's governing model 

Meta: What happened to Berisha is madness 

The Korreshi-Baçi/ Boçi clash: DP gives an example of a different opinion 

Berisha: Duman seizes the assets of Jamarbër Malltez , but does not touch the assets of the thieving directors of Veliaj


Kosovo police checks in some financial institutions in the north of the country

They suspected that he had stolen money from the business and dragged him away, new details from the kidnapping of the 20-year-old


"SPAK with 2 standards", Malltezi: If he acted as he did with Berisha, today Veliaj would be in prison 

Involved in criminal groups, two officers are dismissed from the police 

The Assembly disqualifies 6 candidates for KLJ and KLP

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