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Prençi: Saimir Tahiri was released on Monday, it was a premeditated decision

Prençi: Saimir Tahiri was released on Monday, it was a premeditated

The former head of the State Police, Shemsi Prençi, has stated that the former minister Saimir Tahiri was released from his cell on Monday.

Invited to Euronews Albania, Prençi said that he heard the news about Tahir's release before it was published today, as he said that the court's decision is not legal, because according to him it is premeditated.

According to Prenc, today's decision against Tahir shows that jurisprudence does not work, but politics.

"Saimir Tahiri has been out since Monday. I found out that Saimir Tahiri will be released from prison on Monday, the portals published it yesterday. The decision of the court is not legal. According to the portals, the decision was made yesterday, today the hearing was held. This means that the judges who have the case have communicated to the relatives and the lawyer that he will appear since yesterday, which means that the decision is premeditated. It is safe and I say it with conviction that it has been published on portals since yesterday.

This means that jurisprudence does not work here, but politics. Decisions are made in advance and then served to the media. If the session took place today, why did the news appear on the portals yesterday? This shows where Albanian justice has gone" , said Prençi.

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