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Why did he end up at SPAK Vangjush Dako? Reporter: Residents reported a building damaged by the earthquake

Why did he end up at SPAK Vangjush Dako? Reporter: Residents reported a building

SPAK issued today 10 arrest warrants for officials and former officials of the Municipality of Durrës, among them the former mayor Vangjush Dako.

Journalist Klodiana Lala discovers that Dako is accused of abuse of office, in connection with a building built in the center of the city of Durrës, the building which suffered great damage from the 2019 earthquake.

Lala also stated that SPAK's investigation of Mr. Dako has also extended to the verification of assets by requesting verifications from various institutions.

" SPAK has signed an arrest warrant for Mr. Dako, who is suspected of the criminal offense of abuse of office. In recent days there has been a lot of talk about a possible arrest of Mr. Dako, at the moment the authorities are in Mr. Dako's apartment. It has not yet been officially confirmed if he was found in the premises of the house, but operational forces are continuing the operation to arrest at least 5 other former officials.

Everything is related to a complaint about a building built 12 years ago, the building with two building permits at different times. In the earthquake of November 26, 2019, according to SPAK's investigations, the building suffered serious damage, and the residents filed a complaint against Mr. Dako and other former officials for attempted mass murder.

During the investigation, all the people involved were interrogated, including Mr. Dako. The investigation was also about Mr. Dako's property, there were checks and verifications by various institutions.

Dako's name made a splash in the interception of the Abdylaj group, a criminal group convicted for various crimes such as drug trafficking.

Dako, according to the interceptions of the file 339, was connected to the members of the group. At that time, he was called to be questioned by the Prosecution of Serious Crimes ", reports Lala.



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