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The center for abused women leaves the babies without food, the SSSS removes them after the complaint

The center for abused women leaves the babies without food, the SSSS removes

Immediately after dealing with the problem of the center where the abused women were sheltered and did not have food for their babies from the show Fiksi Fare, the State Social Service decided to remove them from that center and take them to the National Center for the Treatment of Victims of Violence and Trafficking. Fiksi closely followed the departure of the women from the center where they suffered for basic food together with the children, for the latter the workers in the absence of milk told them to feed them water with sugar.

The investigative show brought before 4 days in voice and image the conversations of the abused women, at the same time the mothers of two children aged 9 and 20 months with the employees of the center. The latter tell women to feed their children sugar water.

In the mother's conversation with the employee, the latter, outraged, tells the abused woman several times "if you liked it well, if you didn't like it, these are the conditions", while not forgetting to tell her to give the child water with sugar. The mother of one of the children says that her 9-month-old son had not eaten for 4 days, while the employee told him to fry some flour with water.

The employee's excuse for the lack of fruit juices is that they have too much sugar. "We don't bring fruit juices because they have a lot of sugar, give water with sugar to the children, even when you don't have milk, don't leave your stomach empty, give water with sugar," says the employee.

The social worker, Marinela Muçobega, tells the journalists of Fiks that this is due to poor management by the employees. She says she feels very bad for the situation created, but that today we will find donors for milk and food for the children, while the employee says that this happened only once. "That's all we have," says the employee, thus acknowledging the lack of food in the center.

1: The employee "There is no milk, give the baby water with sugar"
2: SHSSH immediately takes measures, removes the women from the center

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