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Rama for 'The Washington Post': Hackers got some data, the order of the Prosecutor's Office is meaningless

Rama for 'The Washington Post': Hackers got some data, the order of

Iran's cyber attack on the systems in Albania cost the Islamic Republic the interruption of diplomatic relations, while Albania received the data of its citizens.

In an interview for 'The Washington Post', Prime Minister Edi Rama spoke about cyber attacks, the breakdown of relations with Iran, and the order of the Prosecutor's Office for the media.

Rama has admitted that the hackers have obtained some data, but that the prime minister classifies it as not of special importance.

"Based on the investigation, the scale of the attack was such that the intent behind it was to completely destroy our infrastructure in the full paper age and at the same time, wipe out all of our data. Our feeling now is the first, that they did not succeed in destroying the infrastructure. Services are back. Second, the data. Yes, they took some, but practically not of any special importance", said Rama.

Asked if the termination of diplomatic relations with Iran has cost him a lot, Rama said that it is not a big loss for Albania.

"Albania did not have a meaningful relationship with Iran, so the layoff was not a great loss. Other countries may be able to use the approach that Albania has taken, depending first on the thoroughness of any investigation, so that they feel confident in expelling diplomats, and then on the degree of damage caused by the attacks . continued Rama.

Regarding the order of the Prosecutor's Office that prohibits the media from publishing data and information derived from hackers and considered sensitive, Rama called it meaningless.

"I think these are senseless decisions, because at the end of the day, they don't work, first of all. The prosecution followed strictly according to the letter of the law, but in the meantime, in the age of social networks, it is better not to proceed like this, because even if you try to implement it, you will not succeed" , said Rama.

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