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School registers only online/ Teachers complain: The system is not working

School registers only online/ Teachers complain: The system is not working

Although it has been officially communicated to you that the online register will be the only work tool, not all teachers can log in to the SMIP.al digital platform and they are evaluating students in their personal diary.

"Smipi is not yet functional, as the school administrators are posting the data for the classes, teachers, and then the teachers will log in to post grades. I am keeping the evaluations in my personal notebook, but the paper register is important where SMIP does not work, how will the directorate measure the work, will I use my notebook as a basis?" - said Alma Lama - Chairman of the Independent Trade Union of Education, Tirana.

Educators support the decision to digitize educational institutions, but think that the way it is being implemented is hasty and arbitrary, when they do not have the conditions to work only online, without having a paper register at the same time.

"We are not against informatization, but the Ministry of Education and dependent structures must understand that this is the reality that corresponds to the desire? We don't have the right infrastructure, we don't have computers in schools" – said Alma Lama.

The chemistry teacher, also a representative of the independent education union in Tirana, Alma Lama, recalls the painful experience of years of testing the online register, which was generally conducted outside of school hours.

There are no more class logs, grades and absences are online only

"We don't have to end up like years, we turned funny using SMIP at home, or those who didn't have technology tools teachers ended up in the chancellery. There are also schools that offer assistance in computer labs, but not all of them have the conditions", said Alma Lama.

Among other things, the chief trade unionist shows that the class register cannot be replaced with an online platform, taking into account cyber attacks that also risk the disappearance of school data.

"It is a legal obligation, in the order-regulation, that the class register be kept for 10 years" - said Alma Lama./Tch

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