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"It's a serious issue", Fevziu: I don't believe the attack on TCH has a political background or with 'Big Brother'

"It's a serious issue", Fevziu: I don't believe the attack

The well-known journalist and moderator, Blendi Fevziu, commented on the gun attack on the Top Channel building, where the security guard, Pal Kola, was also killed.

Invited to the show "Zone Zero", Fevziu declared that the event cannot have a political background. He emphasized that if this incident is not resolved, then the crime will gain great power.

"The discovery of this event will be a cut of the wings for the crime, so that this does not happen again.

Events such as the burning of the Koha Jonë newspaper are political, in a political context, in a different context. It happened in 1997, while this was at a different time, in a country that is considered one of the safest in the world. This today is very serious, precisely because it is today, it makes the event more serious.

I have been a journalist for 33 years, to be honest, I have never had threats even though I have covered all kinds of topics. This raises some concern, but it should be borne in mind that journalists cannot be scared just because a man shoots a gun. Journalists go to war, to criminal events, anyone who has chosen journalism knows that there is danger within the profession.

You can't expect politics to do anything. I don't believe that this event is related to politics, or even unrelated events like they do with "Big Brother", this is a serious matter. An attempt to take the life of a person and the other an attempt to attack an institution must be resolved as soon as possible. There is a spirit of lack of cooperation between politics and the media. In the 90s there was more cooperation. There is a negative climate. "- said Fevziu.


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