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The Rama-McGonigal scandal, President Begaj: The opposition's request to be investigated by SPAK is right

The Rama-McGonigal scandal, President Begaj: The opposition's request to be

The President of the Republic, Bajram Begaj, has reacted for the first time to the case of Charles McGonigal, the former head of the counter-intelligence office of the FBI in New York, who is accused of concealing meetings with Prime Minister Rama and of money laundering.

Invited to the "No Censorship" show on RTSH, Begaj said that he had not talked with the prime minister about this issue, but appreciated the opposition's request to SPAK to investigate this issue.

Excerpt from the interview:

Question: The opposition has warned of a protest that links it to the affair of the former FBI official and the suspicions that he was corrupted by the government of Albania. How did you convey this news? Have you asked the prime minister for any clarification or the prosecutor's office to investigate?
President Bajram Begaj: I told you a little while ago. I am a regular reader and observer of reports, both domestic and international. Likewise, I have been informed about the issue you just mentioned, through the media and through information from open sources. Being an attentive reader, I wait for the competent institutions to make their analyzes and deductions, and then come up with my personal opinion.

Question: Which competent institutions are you talking about?
President Bajram Begaj: This is a case under investigation and, as long as it is a case under investigation, we have to wait until it ends

Question: It is under investigation in the USA...
President Bajram Begaj: Yes, it started there.

Question: There is also a request from the opposition. Should it be investigated here?
President Bajram Begaj: It is very good that the opposition has addressed the law enforcement institutions in the country to deal with the process. And so it should be. We must have faith in the institutions.

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