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SPAK starts investigations for the SP mayor

SPAK starts investigations for the SP mayor

The Prosecutor's Office for Corruption and Organized Crime has registered criminal proceedings against the mayor of Roskovec, Majlinda Bufin, related to the film materials published on SYRI TV.

The sources confirm the call from SPAK of citizen Nikoleta Vesho, sanitary worker of a 9-year-old school, who was threatened by Bufi.

Vesho is asked to give her statements to BKH officers regarding the event documented through footage broadcast on the "Piranjat" show, where the mayor is heard pressuring the cleaner about the workplace and giving her advice on who she needs more. to accompany

The Democratic Party, represented by General Secretary Flamur Noka, filed a criminal complaint with SPAK against the Mayor of Roskovec, Majlinda Bufit, on May 9.

The report was made for two criminal offenses by Mrs. Bufi: "Abuse of duty" and "Threats or violence against election participants".

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