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€1 billion pipeline from Gjirokastra to Apulia, the government gives Italy the 'OK' for the water pipeline

€1 billion pipeline from Gjirokastra to Apulia, the government gives Italy

The old Italian idea to build an aqueduct that would connect the water sources in the South of Albania with the region of Puglia, which has been hit by drought in recent years, will soon come to life.

At least this is what the president of the Puglia region, Michele Emiliano, said during a press conference.

According to Corriere.it , it is written that the idea that was once proposed to the former Prime Minister Fatos Nano to bring the water by pipeline from the source of the "Blue Eye" in Delvina to the South of Italy, has already taken the form of a project and is expected to cost 1 billion euros to be realized.

"The Albanian government has authorized us to start planning the water pipeline that will connect Albania with Italy. Albania throws a large amount of good water into the sea and obviously has an interest in paying for it. We are interested in taking it because for us water means to give a new model to agriculture, to make tourism grow and to give a future to all the people of Puglia", declared the president of the region of Puglia, Michele Emiliano . during a press conference in Bari about investments in the water supply system.

To build the necessary infrastructure, it will take 4 years of work and one billion euros. The water supply is expected to be financed with the resources of the EIB, the EBRD, the Italian state and the region of the Apulian water supply corporation.

The goal is to transport 150 million cubic meters of water to Puglia every year, and for the region it will be a strategic infrastructure, given the drought that has characterized it in recent years.

According to the Italian side, Albania would have an economic benefit, since about 8,000 new direct and indirect jobs would be opened.

The proposal for the aqueduct was launched in 2022 by the president of the Confindustria of Puglia and Bari-Bat, Sergio Fontana.

" Here in Puglia we have the skills to be a national reference point for water policy. We have the Apulian Waterworks, the largest in Europe, the first contracting station in Apulia. United by the Adriatic Sea, we face Albania, a country very rich in water. We have extremely close relations with Albania.

We have a huge opportunity to address the water crisis proactively. We can give life to a large and ambitious project by building an impressive water infrastructure in the Adriatic Sea between Puglia and Albania ", said Fontana, during the annual meeting of the Bari-Bat Confindustria.

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