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Vacancy in 'Kushtetuese', KED allows the candidacy of Arta Mark and the former head of the KLP

Vacancy in 'Kushtetuese', KED allows the candidacy of Arta Mark and

The Judicial Appointments Council (KED) has agreed to continue the race for judge in the Constitutional Court for the former chief prosecutor Arta Marku.

The former head of the High Council of Prosecution (KLP), Gent Ibrahimi, also received the agreement to continue running. Arta Marku and Gent Ibrahimi are running for the vacancy announced by the president.

Candidate Elida Take has been excluded from the race for the Constitutional Court.

"The Judicial Appointments Council after examining the acts and the procedure followed for the verification of the candidacies and the documentation prepared regarding the fulfillment of the legal conditions for candidacy, for each of the candidates defined in the agenda, after hearing the opinion of the representative of the Advocate To the people regarding the procedure followed in the verification of the candidacies, decided to allow the candidacy and the continuation of the procedure of evaluation, scoring and ranking of the candidates for judge in the Constitutional Court of Mrs. Arta Marku, for the vacant position announced by the President of the Republic on 13.01 .2022", KED announced.


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