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Video/ The moment when the suspect for the assassination attempt in Dukagjin surrenders: My name came up on TV

Video/ The moment when the suspect for the assassination attempt in Dukagjin

In the video below is the moment when Edmond Nikaj, one of the suspects for the assassination recorded yesterday afternoon in Dukagjin, surrendered to the Police Directorate of Shkodra, where Zef Guri was shot dead and Gjin Guri was seriously injured.

"My name came out to the police, I came and surrendered," Edmond Nikaj can be heard as he addresses the police officer at the door.

 The latter asks him if "is he looking?" and Nikaj replies that he doesn't know, but his name came up on TV.

Edmond Nika claims that he is innocent and that at the time when the incident happened, he was in the village of Grudë e Re, repairing his car, and this, according to him, can be clearly verified by the police through cameras.

"Of course I will surrender, I am innocent. I was under the surveillance of the cameras all day. I found out that I am wanted from the news. Even if you are guilty, you must surrender, but when you are innocent, you must surrender ," he said to RTSH.

Edmondi says that he is related by blood to the victim's family and that he could never shoot a gun at Zef and Gjin Guri.

He says that he works in Shkodër in construction and that he has nothing to do with the illegal activities of cannabis cultivation in Dukagjin.

 " I know the names of the wanted persons, but I have nothing to do with them. I will prove my innocence to the police ," declared Nika.

After the interrogation, Edmond Nika was released again together with Kujtim Dholla, Martin Qershina and Cesk Seraj, while Gjovalin Guri was declared wanted.

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