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The new academic year with protests, half-filled auditoriums and branches that are in danger of being closed

The new academic year with protests, half-filled auditoriums and branches that

Faculties opened their doors today for 20,000 students who sat in the auditoriums for the first time. The first three rounds of registration phases are closed and now it is the free phase where every student registers in that branch which has free quotas.

This year, some study programs had no applicants at all, which means an alarm bell for the education system.

In Shkodër, at the "Luigj Gurakuqi" university, there are no branch closures, but do not activate the program, which means that for this academic year those branches will not function. 10 study programs have no more than 5 applicants.

Even at the "Aleksandër Moisiu" university in Durrës, three branches have a very low number of students, specifically: Philosophy - Sociology, History and Tourist Guide

The situation changes at "Aleksandër Xhuvani" university, where 15 branches are at risk of being closed.

Meanwhile, the University of Korça has another specificity at the beginning of this academic year. Two programs are at risk of closure, but on the other hand, the mathematics, physics and informatics programs, due to the low number, will be the senate that will decide on their continuation or not.

Even in other universities in the country, in Vlora, Gjirokastër, the same problem is encountered, where some branches have no demand.

For medical students, the new academic year started with boycotts and protests. They demanded that the government withdraw from the forced labor law that holds students' diplomas hostage at the end of their years of study.

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