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Vlora people lost 6,700 votes to SP, but the fall of SMI saved their mandate

Vlora people lost 6,700 votes to SP, but the fall of SMI saved their mandate

The Socialist Party won fewer votes than four years ago in the Vlora Region, while the opposition Democratic Party achieved one of its best results, in the traditionally socialist stronghold of the region. However, the SP managed to retain its eighth term due to the fall of the SMI, which failed to win a seat.

In Vlora, the two small parties competing on the right-wing spectrum, the Democratic Obedience and the Movement for Change, together received about 2,600 votes, not enough to get an MP, but enough to remove an MP from the opposition. The last deputy in the district was divided into 7400 votes and was taken by the Socialists. The Movement for Change of the former deputy chairman of the Democratic Party Jozefina Topalli competed in Vlora with the former deputy of PDIU, Dashamir Tahiri, while the Democratic Obedience competed with the former deputy of the Democratic Party Ardian Kollozi.

The Socialists won 59 thousand votes, out of almost 66 thousand they had won in 2017 while the Democrats won 32 thousand votes out of 23 thousand they had won four years ago. The Socialist Movement for Integration won 6,200 votes, 6,000 less than in 2017 and about 1,200 votes less than it needed to win a mandate.

Prime Minister Edi Rama was the most voted candidate in Vlora in terms of like-minded votes with 11 thousand votes, while the Minister of Finance, Anila Denaj was positioned second with 6400 likes. Denaj also defeated Damian Gjiknur, who was responsible for the SP campaign in the region.

Of the Democrats, Bujar Leskaj was the most voted with 5,200 votes, followed by Fation Veizaj with 3,500 votes and Ina Zhupa also with 3,500 votes.

The director of the Selenica bitumen mine, Gëzim Ademaj, managed to get almost 3,300 votes, more than twice compared to the fourth PD deputy, Arbi Agalliu. Despite this, Ademaj will not be an MP. In addition to Ademaj, three other Democratic candidates received more votes than Agalliu. About 80% of DP and 83% of SP voters voted in favor of the MP candidates, except for the party in this district.

The final election result gave the SP 8 seats and the DP 4 seats, almost unchanged compared to 2017 when the PD and LSI had won 4 seats together. The closest result between the parties was recorded in 2009 when the SP and the PBDNJ, then in alliance with the SP, won seven seats together while the PD and PDIU won five seats.

Vlora is also the region with the absolute lowest turnout in the elections, a turnout that fell even lower on April 25th. Out of 318 thousand voters in the voter list, only 106 thousand went to the polls and out of these, 4700 turned out to be invalid votes. Participation in Vlora fell from 36% to 33%. Over the last four years, the number of eligible voters has increased by 10,000 in the county and despite this, 4,000 fewer voters turned out at the ballot box than in 2017.

Three of the twelve deputies of Vlora, two from SP and one from PD are women, or 23%. Birn

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