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Murder of Ergys Dashi in Ecuador, Lala: 3 thousand Albanians there are engaged in cultivation, others are hostages

Murder of Ergys Dashi in Ecuador, Lala: 3 thousand Albanians there are engaged

Journalist Klodiana Lala has revealed new details from the murder of 34-year-old Ergys Dashi in Ecuador. Lala said that there are about 3 thousand Albanians who live there and deal with the cultivation and trafficking of narcotics.

In the studio of "Points on I" in News 24, Lala said that the murder of Dashi was carried out calmly by the perpetrators, adding that similar executions are carried out in a mafia way.

"The murder of Aries is the second committed in the same way, where Naim Zyberi was executed. The perpetrators have killed very quietly, most of the people moving with guns. There are 3,000 Albanians living in Ecuador. What I have found in other cases is how many times there has been blockage of a large amount in a short time there are mafia executions. "It must be destroyed by a court decision", said the journalist.

The journalist brought other details, where she mentioned that there are many people who stay in vain in Ecuador as a guarantee or hostage from individuals who have sent drugs to the destination.

"There are people who stay in Ecuador in vain, just to stay as a guarantee. They are hostages, they stand as a kind of collateral in the bank. They are kept there by the persons who started the drugs until the quantity goes to the destination. Ergys Dashi was operative for drug delivery. Ecuador is a country that does not provide information, but it turns out to be a supplier. None of those killed in Ecuador turn out to be group leaders. The leaders are located in the vast majority of Dubai. They stay there that you can be free and there are no cash financing problems. The moment they stand in the place of luxury with unbridled luxury I say with clear evidence it turns out that they have suppliers there. "The moment the shipment does not go to the destination, we have a murder", added the journalist.

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