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Lista Serbe 'scolds' Kurti: He is accusing honest Serbs

Lista Serbe 'scolds' Kurti: He is accusing honest Serbs

Lista Serbe has reacted to the speech of the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, who in the session of the Assembly of Kosovo, published some names that he said were the persons responsible for causing tensions on May 29 in Zveçan, where 30 soldiers were injured. of KFOR.

The Serbian List says that Kurti is baselessly accusing members of the Serbian community in the north of Kosovo only because they disagree with the violation of basic conditions and human rights.

" Today's unfounded accusations and drawing a target on the forehead of Serbian women and Serbs in the north of Kosovo just because they refuse to violate basic human rights shows the fascist character of Albin Kurti's regime. Are the mobsters, professors, doctors, nurses, miners, citizens and political representatives as Albin Kurti labeled them today in parliament? What a farce is everything that Kurti said today in the Assembly and the fact that he labeled honorable people, women, invalids, even some who are in hospital and have not been to the north of Kosovo for weeks, as criminals and organizers of protests.

Today's exposure of Kurt with full of lies is proof that he wants further escalation of the situation, rise of tensions and conflicts, while Serbs want peace, freedom, return of their municipal facilities and an end to the persecution of our fellow citizens who refuse to be Kurti's servants" , it is said, among other things, in the reaction of the Serbian List.

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