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KFOR soldiers are attacked again in Zveçan

KFOR soldiers are attacked again in Zveçan

New clashes have occurred between Serbs and KFOR in Zveçan. This is what T7 journalists who are on the ground say.

" A few minutes ago, Serbian citizens once again attacked KFOR soldiers. Molotov cocktails, fireworks and stun grenades were thrown at them. During the whole day in Zveçan there were threats, while at 4 o'clock the protesters left, initially" , said the T7 journalist, Unitet Berisha.

"At the moment when the fight started, it was KFOR soldiers who ordered the media to leave the area ," he added.

Meanwhile, the Serbian protesters in Zveçan have warned of a bigger protest if the Kosovo Police and KFOR do not leave the municipal facilities by Wednesday.

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