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Stano: The Association's draft statute, a new, balanced and European proposal

Stano: The Association's draft statute, a new, balanced and European

The EU spokesman, Peter Stano, has given new details about the draft statute of the Association of Serbian-majority municipalities that was presented to the parties in the dialogue process in Brussels (Kosovo and Serbia), saying that it is balanced and European.

"Regarding the draft statute of the Association of Serbian Municipalities, we can only recall that a new balanced European proposal for the establishment of the Association of Municipalities was presented to the relevant partners by the EUSR for the dialogue of Belgrade in Pristina during his visit to the region at the end . of October and then it was discussed with both parties during the meeting of leaders on the margins of the European Council" , he said.

Stano has announced the reasons why the EU is not making public the content of the Association's draft statute.

"The EU proposal has not been made public as diplomatic efforts are ongoing. We never disclose official documents publicly, nor do we participate in public exchanges about them while they are being discussed. We expect the same from the partners, as it is normal practice in international mediation for the process to be conducted confidentially", said Stano.

However, he has not given a clear position on whether the EU has an assessment of which party in the dialogue process is not implementing the Brussels and Ohrid agreement.

"In your last question, implementation is the responsibility of the Parties, and so far they have not been able to move forward and fulfill their obligations," EU spokesman Peter Stano told RTV21. 

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