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Liridona's brother in tears before the Court: The children still don't know that their mother is dead

Liridona's brother in tears before the Court: The children still don't

Leonard Ademaj, the brother of Liridona Ademaj, who went to the Basic Court in Pristina, where the three suspects for his sister's murder, including her husband, appeared for the first time.

Speaking to the media, he said that his sister's children are still unaware that their mother is no longer alive.

Liridona was killed in the most cruel and macabre way possible. She was a strong wife, sister and mother and turned out to be a heroine for her children as well. We are restraining ourselves because she never wanted to see us in this state", said the brother of the deceased.

"After he arrived in Pristina, he talked to his father and told him that they had arrived but that they were going to the hangar for dinner. I was at work and my wife called me and told me that they had killed Liridona, I thought that the son of the aunt because he her name is Liridon. The situation at home was very bad, the parents were upset. I didn't want to believe that Liridona had died, I went to Gjakovë hospital and asked you to give the parents sedatives and we continued on our way to Pristina.

They attacked us, they begged us for money, I don't want to give it to them. We're in the middle of nowhere, dad took us, we're walking on the road, we forgot mom in the middle of nowhere," the deceased's brother tells what the children told him. 


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